Out Soon: The Prozak LP – Volume 1 (Various Artists) SER018

Serotone Recordings presents to you its very first series of their yearly album, “THE PROZAK LP”.

Featuring in house remixes, originals, VIPs and 2 winners of our remix competition. We set out to create this album to showcase and sum up our brand in one album. The remixes are of tracks you all know and love, but we couldn’t resist to add in some fresh material to show you that we keep the consistency rolling!

Expect “The Prozak LP” to be a yearly series to sum up our style and improvement, around the same time next year you will see more!

Beatport Exclusive: 1st June 2015

Full Release: 15th June 2015

1. Threts – Enzyme (Matiflow Remix)(The Prozak LP)
2. Raw Signal – Back In Time (The Prozak LP)
3. X – Tortion – Casino (The Prozak LP)
4. Bangta Rights – R.E.M VIP (The Prozak LP)
5. Matiflow – Gutter Trash (Threts Remix)(The Prozak LP)
6. Ero Drummer & M.Bass – Cycle (The Prozak LP)
7. Dusty And Equation – The Real Game (Prozak LP)
8. Too Greezey – The Wiked (The Prozak LP)
9. Ironlung – Down Low (Rushmore Remix)(The Prozak LP)
10. Ironlung – Down Low (Soundline Remix)(The Prozak LP)

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