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Mastering is the final stage in the production process and ensures that the music fits together seamlessly and that it is presented with the best possible sound. It involves editing and compiling the required mixes and tracks in production order, cleaning the audio to remove any unwanted blemishes or corruptions, polishing the mixed sound with equalisation, compression and other outboard processing and then producing the final master.

The combination of our experience and good ears and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that we are the right choice in the fields of audio mastering and sound restoration. Our mastering philosophy is simple: “We treat every mix & master as if it was our own” and “Every customer is valued”. Every mix and master is unique and of the highest standard, but also affordable. Affordability for almost any budget is important to us, which is why we have several different packages to fit your project. These range from artists just starting out, to very intricate, sophisticated techniques for major label artists from around the world.

Our Digital Service

Combining ProTools HD and Logic Pro X, we work mainly out of the two most-used DAW’s. Equipped with state-of-the-art analog preamps, compressors, reverbs, finalisers and a vast multitude of in the box mixing and mastering plug-ins, we are ready for any style of music. We deliver top notch audio mastering for an affordable price. We can also advise our customers on how to improve the sound of their mix, so we can make an even better master for them. With our mastering service, you can upload your tracks to us with ease via our online Dropbox folder, so you can access your tracks when and where you want!

Check Out Our Work

Listen to our clients work before and after our touch has been added! If you need to hear more, or another genre, please e-mail us at and we’ll
gladly provide you with anything you need to make the right choice!

(The following audio clips are before and after examples. You will hear 15 seconds of the “before” and 15 seconds of the “after.”)


1 Track

Price (Digital Master)


(£15 new customer introductory offer)

2-3 Tracks

Price (Digital Master)


4-6 Tracks

Price (Digital Master)


7-10 Tracks

Price (Digital Master)


“Stem Mastering” and “Mix & Master” packages are available and may vary according to the number of stems and the nature of the mix.

The listed per track rate applies for the vast majority of albums. If your album has an abnormally large track count or consists of many very short tracks or interludes please get in touch for the possibility of a reduced rate. Likewise, if your album is just a few very long tracks an appropriate rate will have to be determined. Any pricing changes outside of what is listed on the rates page of this website will be discussed and agreed upon prior to any work being done.

Please contact us to get a quote.

All digital audio file formats are accepted. Lossless audio files (i.e. WAV, AIFF, etc.) are greatly preferred over lossy formats (i.e. MP3, AAC, etc.) as better results will be
achieved when working with lossless audio files. 24 bit (or 32 bit) files are preferred over 16 bit files.

When submitting files please include the following:

• Artist Name

• Album Title

• Track Title(s)

• Track Order (If you have decided)

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