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(, Drumshock, Dubflex) //Slovakia

Fatsound loves the music of broken beats and his vision is to spread and support this music in Slovakia and worldwide. He sank into electronic waters in 2003 when he visited many parties, events and festivals. When he’s behind the decks, he loves to combine neurofunk dnb, deep, dancefloor and hardstep tracks. He adds strong atmosphere by gradation, rotation and intertwining the different subgenres.

Since 2008 he has been running Nudance Music ( and organizing parties such as Nudance nights, Dubflex nights, UKF nights, Therapy Sessions Slovakia and Drumshock parties in Bratislava and other cities. Alongside famous producers and DJs from around the world, he gives the chance to all talented, Up & Coming producers and DJs. The focus lies on bringing new music, supporting young talents and organizing interesting parties for people. For all who are interested to be involved in Nudance, please write a message to:

In 2009 he established the formation Dubshoock which is presenting fresh dubstep, trap, grime, drumstep music ( Now he is concentrating on his own production in various music styles.

Fatsound’s Influences are: Noisia, Datsik, Borgore, Zomboy, XKore, TC, Shockone, Audio, Bad Company, Joe Ford, Rockwell, Cooh, Counterstrike, Brainfuzz, Kenei, Body&Soul, Inside Info, Maztek, Erb n Dub, AEPH, Ill Skillz, L plus, IM3, Exorcist, Clarity, Gabanna and many more …