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Dj Threts (Stephen Backhurst) is a Drum and Bass dj and producer from Brighton,England. Threts has been djing for about 11 years and started producing around 2005, now currently playing regular nights on the Brighton circuit and is now a resident for Serotone. He recently teamed up with Invasion with the release of Kaos Theory on Stemcell recordings in April 2012 and has recently signed ‘Orbit’ to lowfrequencyrecords in June 2012. The next instalment ‘Cyanide’ is being released on Amplitude Modulations in the near future alongside ‘Lost City’ recently being picked up on Bad sector records. The most current projects from Threts is a two track release on Bad sector ‘Biohazard’ and ‘Solitude’ also ‘Dogfight and ‘Abyss’ released on Serotone recordings getting lots of recognition from some of the biggest Dj’s in the scene. Threts influences come from all music genres concentrating on the Intelligent and darker side of Drum & bass.