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Brown B

Bradley Brown first took to the wheels of steel during the summer of 1998. With no real musical direction it was purely by chance that a local friend happened to be selling an old pair of Soundlab DLP1 belt driven turntables. At the time Bradley was a tender 17 working as a Picker at a local Warehouse when he used his first pay cheque to pay for the £300 set up including mixer.

‘I used to listen to recordings from pirate radio stations as early as 1994 when the   whole Jungle/Hardcore thing was going on. It always baffled me as to how the DJ would keep the music on a continuous flow and the music really touched me sending tingles up my spine. I thought of how amazing it would be to control those sounds’.

It was this curiosity that led a young Bradley to make his purchase with a hard earned £300. It was around the era of the early UK Garage scene that Bradley started buying his first pieces of Vinyl, with no idea how two records where put together and with no guidance he stood in his Bedroom for hours on end trying to find some kind of Logic to his new hobby.

‘I started out by putting the two records at zero on the pitch adjust, lining up the labels so the logos were both facing me and releasing them simultaneously. Obviously this did not work and after around 2 months of trying I finally found that releasing the first beat of one record at the start of the Bar of the other was the magic formula. Beat matching and Pitch adjustment was a different ball game but I got the hang of it in the end and within 12 months I taught myself how to mix two records!’

As time past so did Bradley’s DLP1’s and he upgraded to the industry standard Technics 1210’s. Along with this transition came the ability to read and manipulate vinyl in a devastating manor with furious pace, precision and creativity so unique you would think he was veteran of the game. Bradley truly has a natural talent for music and stands apart from the rest in a big way. His style is now largely based on a lust for the perfect sound reproduction. He has mastered the gimmicks of computer processed effect boards and rapid mixing. All he craves now is for his audience to hear to his sound as crisp and clean as possible and this is largely down to the way he engineers and structures his sets.

‘When I first started out I was playing UK Garage as this is what I was feeling at the time. I went through all genres from Four to the Floor, 2 Step and finally the more Break Beat, early DubStep stuff’.

‘This was for the first 3 years then I moved on to Tech House as Garage pretty much died with all the bad publicity surrounding it’. ‘I kept it true to my style with House playing it ‘Big’ with deep Sub-Bass lines and crisp percussion. I have kept this going until this day. At one festival called Homelands in 2002 I rediscovered Drum & Bass and rediscovered my roots, the whole reason I got into this game in the first place!’

‘Although I am not restricted to one style of music playing many styles of House, Garage & Hip Hop, Drum & Bass is what I have passion for and this what you will hear me playing at most of my gigs which have included many well established night clubs & venues including Ministry Of Sound, The End, Turnmills, Egg, as well as various musically orientated bar Clubs in and around the Citys of London and Brighton.

‘I have been playing professionally since January 2003 and am currently focusing on promotions & production. I currently run a successful D&B event named Serotone with DJ Rivalize in Brighton. This event has been very successful to date and we have just reached our 1st birthday as of May 2013 and have hosted some of the biggest names in the D&B world, entertaining crowds of up to 500 and above.’ Off the back of this we have just launched Serotone Recordings and look to bring the same ethos of quality, high energy D&B to your ear drums, to cherish over and over via some of the best artists and talent that Brighton and beyond has to offer. Our aim is to get you Serotonin flowing through the music we love and want to share!